Purchasing a used car can be tedious and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to look out for in the vehicle. However, when buying from the right source, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are 5 tips that would be helpful for you when buying and testing a used car in Nigeria.

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Check Paperwork:
Always make sure all the paperwork are in order before buying a used car. The car should come with various documents holding vital information on its maintenance history and previous owners. If the seller can’t show you the documents, walk away. Check that the documents are all genuine. Some documents to look out for include: Customs papers, diagnostic reports, etc.

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Check The Exterior:
Rust, scratches, and dents in the paint and body of the car don’t affect the performance of the engine, but they can affect how much you pay for the car. Look for rust and any chips, scratches, and dents to the bodywork. Ask the dealer if it is the first body. Check the windscreen for chips, and cracks, They could cost a lot to repair. Check the tyres and spare wheel. If the tyres are worn more on one side than the other, the wheel alignment might need adjusting, or it could be something more serious.

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Check The Interior:
Check that all electrics (lights, windows) are working properly and (if fitted) try the air-conditioning. Check the seats and trim for signs of damage. Check all the panels to see if they fit perfectly. Try all the gears (including reverse) and see that there’s no crunching. If it is an automatic car, make sure the gear changes are smooth, immediate, and almost silent. Check that the brakes stop the car in a straight line. Listen out for any vibrations or rubbing noises when braking.

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Check The Engine:
Before starting the car, check below the engine oil cap for a thick white substance which could indicate a problem with the head gasket or engine damage. Pull out the engine oil dipstick, wipe it clean with a cloth, then re-insert it, then pull it out again and to see if it is at the maximum level and the oil itself is golden and clear. If not, the car is probably due for service. Check the engine coolant and brake fluid levels, plus the battery (the terminals should be rust-free and clear of debris).
When you start the car and when driving, watch for excessive exhaust smoke and listen out for any unusual noises. The engine should be quiet and pull smoothly. Check the body near the exhaust if you would see a dark oily layer, coupled with excessive exhaust smoke as this could be a sign the piston rings are worn out. After the test drive, check for leaks in the engine bay and underneath the car.

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Buy From The Right Source: 
This can not be overemphasized. There are so many car dealers to buy from, however, it’s best to buy from a source that’s honest, transparent, and cares about you. Regardless of whether you know nothing or everything about buying a car, you should buy from a source that will help you find the right car. With Betacar, you are assured of exceptional quality and transparency as all cars at betacar.ng are rigorously checked for quality assurance to ensure your peace of mind, Car financing also available so that you can drive your car while paying in  instalments over 18 – 24 months.

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