When drivers are negligent, they can cause accidents and claim lives. But even everyday habits can have the same effect. 

There are driving habits that needs to be attended to regardless of how much of a veteran driver you are.

Avoid these dangerous driving habits to stay safe on the road and steer clear of fatal accidents and death in some cases.

Without further a-do, here are a few bad driving habits you need to stop doing:

1. Don’t Drink and Drive.

-man drinking alcohol while driving the car PG37Q93 scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

This totally goes without saying and you should never get tired hearing this. Drinking and driving never mix. It is also a foolish idea to get behind the wheel after taking a few bottles of alcohol. Planning ahead saves lives – take a cab, and make sure your friends do the same.

The dangers of drinking and driving are immeasurable and they have a tendency of causing a life impact.

2. Doing Makeup While Driving.

-a young african american woman makeup in the car P9DPRES scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

Don’t use the next traffic light stopover to use your foundation, or even try to wear those red lips. You’d end up in disarray when the traffic light goes from red to green. You’d also need to squint your eyes to apply your mascara and that can be very hazardous while driving. Skip those morning rituals you try doing on your way to work and wait till you actually get to work. 

3. Texting & Getting Distracted.

-businessman ignoring safety and texting on mobile 4PKYT72 scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

With the sudden rise in the use of smartphones, texting while driving has become one of the most dangerous forms of distraction while driving.

Texting or talking on your phone while driving has become a common habit which unfortunately leads to countless road accidents and poses a severe threat to your life. 

Also avoid high-attention activities like surfing the internet, and even taking selfies while driving.

It’s important to keep your phone away while driving.

4. Not Checking Blindspots.

-best blind spot mirrors-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

Checking blindspots might cause you a torture, but what could be worse is neglecting routine checks and getting into a fatal accident for not checking your blindspot before switching lanes or taking a U-Turn.

Note: Blindspot is an area that can’t be seen from your car’s rear view and side mirrors.

5. Jumping The Queue.

-car congestion under the highway Z2WBNYD scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

When we’re in a rush we neglect the queue and try to join the queue in front which is totally a bad idea especially at Toll gates and stopovers. Sticking to the queue and keeping your distance from cars ahead and behind can safeguard you from things like knocking the car in front of you or getting your car smashed from behind.

Jumping the queue at the toll gate is a bad idea. 

6. Listening To Loud Music.

-cheerful young woman driver sitting in car driving AXCXNGF scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

Loud music gets you distracted while driving. This distraction can be very hazardous, so why don’t you turn down the music just a little so you can easily hear other car honks. Loud music can significantly decrease your ability to react to any sudden,unexpected drastic movements happening around you.

7. Driving Without A Seatbelt.

-happy black couple enjoying road trip sitting in c S9EK6Z5 scaled-Bad Driving Habits You Need To Stop

Driving without a seatbelt is very harmful to your health. Wearing a seatbelt can save your life and it’s also important you insist that everyone travelling with you should consider putting on their seatbelts too to avoid crash-related injuries and death in some cases.

Remember, stay buckled up.

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  1. Segun Agbelege Reply

    This article “Bad driving habits you need to stop” is very very important at this time especially when the whole world is passing through depression. When people think where they can find solace is drinking and the likes. Thanks.

    • Thank you very much for this feedback. We understand how “Bad Driving Habits” are harmful to our health and loved ones.

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