Ifeanyi is 34 years old, earns about 400k as a Brand Manager at Bang Foods.

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He has been driving his current car for over 5 years. In the past 1 year, his mechanic must have built house on top of the plenty money of fixing one thing after the other. But the car is just tired and want to be left alone.

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Ifeanyi sees this clean white 2014 Foreign-used Honda Accord for sale on betacar.ng selling for 4.6M. Since Betacar sells only quality certified used cars, he has nothing to worry about.

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The car is everything Ifeanyi needs to make Lagos traffic bearable. He has been dreaming of the car for some months and finally visits Betacar lot to test drive the car and it was love at first sight.

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The only problem is Ifeanyi does not have the entire cost of the car – 4.6M saved.

Ifeanyi realizes he can pay small small with Betacar used car financing. So he pays only 30% upfront – 1.4M and spreads the balance at N160,700 per month for the next two years.

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Guess who drove out of Betacar with a Tokunbo 2014 Honda Accord vehicle? You guessed right. Ifeanyi!

No more monthly donations to his mechanic…

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What are you waiting for? Be Like Ifeanyi.

Visit Betacar.ng today to get started with Car Financing.

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