Hello Friends,

It is definitely interesting times and we hope you are home and safe. This is already the second week of the lockdown, it will soon be over. Stay Strong!

As car owners, who have been staying at home and observing social distancing, you must have parked your car since the beginning of last week. Cars parked over a long time need still need some tender love and care, especially since we most likely will want to drive around town, commute to work or just go visiting family/friends once this lockdown is over. We all can’t wait!

We’d be taking you through on a few tips to keeping your car safe and ready to roll when the lockdown is over;

1. Disconnect Battery Terminals

It is advisable to disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive terminal afterwards, and not allow both terminals to touch. A little petroleum jelly on the terminals after the battery has been removed helps to prevent rust. Another alternative for people who rather not remove the batteries is to Run the car ignition for about 15 minutes every other day, this also helps to keep the battery in good shape.

2. Disengage Your Hand Brakes

It’s important to disengage your hand brakes and use tyre stoppers depending on the slope. Experts have warned that leaving cars on handbrakes for long may spoil the braking system.

3. Clean & Cover Your Car

It is tempting to just park the car and forget all about it. Remember to clean the car once in a few days to remove dirt. Leaving specks of dirt on a vehicle for a long time may cause permanent stains. If you have a car cover or a roofed garage, you may just use that and not worry about cleaning until it’s time for use.

4. Fill Up Your Fuel Tank

Car technicians have advised filling up the fuel tank of a parked car especially over a long period of time. As it may cause sedimentation and rusting may begin to occur.

5. Put On The Air Conditioning Unit

It is important to put on the air conditioning of the car every few days to get rid of all accumulated dust, this keeps your AC in top form when it’s time for use.

6. Move Your Car Forward & Backward

Your car tyres need some attention too, move the car forward and backwards slightly every few days to keep your tyre rims lubricated and also avoid flat spots.

That’s it, you can go to your car now and do as advised above. We hope that this has been helpful and your car will respond perfectly when it’s time to go out again.

Lots of love from us.


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