No one likes to be neglected, not even your car. There is no denying that your car is probably one of your most prized possessions. Despite this, it is quite sad that a lot of people don’t know how to take care of their cars.

These cars do all the work, transport you to and fro the annoying Lagos traffic and bad roads every day. And all you do is clean the body in readiness for the next day, 🤦! A well-maintained car has a longer lifespan, reduced cost of maintenance and of course safety while driving.

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There are some basic car care tips that don’t need your mechanic, it needs your attention.

Stop procrastinating and check your car now!

1. Read The Car Manual and Follow The Rules.

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Each vehicle has its owner’s manual, For details on what type of oil, how many litres of fuel etc…

2. Check Weekly To Top Up The Engine Oil.

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Perhaps the most important car care rule is to check your engine oil levels. Your car’s engine is made up of lots of moving parts. The engine oil is the lubricant that oils these parts, avoiding friction. That is the only way they are able to work smoothly without rubbing harshly against each other. Check the engine oil when the engine of the vehicle is totally cooled off. You’d find the engine in the bonnet at the front of the car. Pull out the dipstick and wipe the oil away in a rag to check the oil level.

3. Stay Safe and Check Your Tyre Tread Depth and Expiry Dates.

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Checking your tire for cracks on the threads or cracks on the sidewalk is so necessary. Bad tires are one of the biggest causes of accidents in Lagos. Once you begin to find visible signs of cracks on your treads or cracks on the sidewall of your tire, change immediately. No patching, no stitching. The primary culprits of these cracks are mostly low air pressure, inactivity and excessive heat.

4. Replace Your Oil Filters.

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Changing Oil filters is one of the most overlooked car care tips because of the wrong notion that oil filters are hard to fix and can only be done by technicians and mechanics only.

The oil filters in your car engine were installed to prevent dirt from getting into your engine block and if your oil filters are unattended to, dirt accumulated in your engine can cause fatal engine issues and vehicle performance. Additionally, the oil that collects dirt will cause you to change your oil more frequently and makes you spend more than expected.

5. Change Your Car Plugs For A Smoother Ride.

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It’s important to change your Car Plugs periodically. Car plugs are one of the hardest working parts of a vehicle. Many car owners delay car plug replacement on their vehicles, even after they have failed. Damaged or worn out car plugs can lead to engine damage, reduced fuel efficiency and poor performance like misfiring, hard starting and sluggish acceleration.

6. Check The Brakes, Change The Brake Fluid and Brake Pads When Needed.

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This is a vital organ of every car if overlooked can lead to accidents or even death in worse cases.

By making the right choices and regularly changing your brake fluid, your brakes should perform flawlessly and go almost unnoticed.

If you do all the above, your car may just do another hundred years. 😉😉 Thank us later.

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