How are you today? I wish I could hear your response. Would it be the default and off-handish ‘Fine’? Or will it be more honest and let out some rant?

Sometimes it is okay to get it off your chest. Life is hard, and in recent times, it looks like life in the world’s third most stressful cities, according to CNN, is indeed Hellish! Lagos is just one kind!

So two days ago, Chika gets to Ketu bus-stop at 5 am, he leaves this early every day to avoid sitting in ‘Danfo’ for the 2hour traffic, Today is his lucky day, he arrives at the bus-stop to a private car- ‘Sienna’ calling for passengers right for his route. Chika gets in and settles to enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned car; he pulls up the bible app on his phone to study, being inspired by the gospel music playing softly in the car. 

Barely 2 minutes into the ride, the music got louder, slightly annoyed he raises his head to signal to the driver to reduce the volume, that was when it happened! A resounding slap followed by a series of beating,  ‘Oya, give me your phone’. It took more than ten seconds for his dazed self to realise, he had entered the dreaded, ‘one chance’! 

To cut the horrible long story short, Chika was beaten, almost blinded and robbed of his two phones, cash, wedding ring, and wristwatch, then dropped off on the roadside! Everyone, he recounted the incident to, told him to shake it off and be grateful to have escaped with his life and body parts intact but the psychological effect of this on him and his wife, who would now worry more about him is not easily shaken off.

You see, Chika drives to work usually, but his car has developed one fault after the other, and it just seems the auto mechanic working on the car have been causing more damage to the car, so he packed and resorted to public transport. 

Now, why am I telling you all this, driving in Lagos decreases your exposure to safety risks significantly. Guys, it is time to get a good car. I know what you are thinking; Cars cost money!  Calm down…lol, this is where we come in; 

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