Let’s talk about driving in Lagos, particularly during this rainy season.

Lagos state government recently reiterated that there is a rise in seawater level which is the cause of the flooding in Ikoyi, Lekki, and the environs. We all have seen the terrible damage the flood has done to roads and properties.

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Driving in the rain can be scary, but unavoidable, the rain seems to choose the worst time to fall, like rain starting just by 7 am on weekdays, increasing the already annoying traffic. Also, because low visibility and wet roads come with the rain, driving can become dangerous. Rainy conditions are mostly associated with higher accident rates.

I am going to share a few tips on how to drive safely in the rain.

Turn on the Headlights, Hazard Lights, and the Windshield Wiper.

Even, when it’s just only, turning on your vehicle’s headlights, will increase both your own visibility and other drivers’ ability to see your car on the road. While this may seem like common sense, some people forget to turn on their windshield wipers in the rain. Don’t be like them!

Ventilate your Car

Your AC should be your best friend when driving in the rain since all the windows have to be shut down to avoid drenching, thus there is likely to be built up of fog on the windshield hampering visibility. So leave your AC on and it will take care fo the fog.

Double-check your Brake System

When it’s raining, roads becoming slippery and if your brakes aren’t working properly, they may disappoint and fail. Wet drum type brakes are especially prone to decreased stopping power after driving through deep water. It’s safer to maintain a lower speed to avert brake failure. So slow down and move with caution.

Wait until the Weather improves

Sometimes the downpour may just be too heavy and no amount of slowing down or incessant wiping of the windscreen would do any good, just pulling over for some time to allow the rain reduce is always a good idea. It is better to show up late and alive than otherwise.

That is it, Stay safe while driving in the rain. We are hoping this is useful for you.

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