Yay…Winter is here!!  Well, our Nigerian version of winter is harmattan. And Harmattan has officially kicked in. We know everyone is rubbing extra lotion this season to avoid skin dryness.

We hear Jos and other Northern parts of Nigeria are freezing; we send you all love and light,

Beyond the lotions, lip balms and warm clothing, if you own a car, your car needs protection from harmattan.

Taking Care Of Your Car During Harmattan - Betacar blog -frantzou fleurine 5YW OjzHXjw unsplash 1024x683-Take Care Of Your Car During Harmattan
Taking Care Of Your Car During Harmattan – Betacar blog

Here are a few tips of maintaining your car during this harmattan:

Get a Thick Car Cover

Keeping your car warm keeps your car battery in good condition. Extreme cold pulls voltage from the battery and makes it harder for your car to start. So get your car its duvet!

Check All Fluids

It is common knowledge that fluids thicken during cold weather. Check your oil, brake and transmission fluids, power steering oil. Transmission is a huge one, the fluid needs to flow quickly, or your car won’t perform well if it’s slow.

Check Your Air Filters

A clogged filter can occur as a result of dust.  This is very important due to excessive dust associated with the harmattan which gets clogged up into the air filters.  This can cause your car not to start. The best practice is to do a routine check on your car’s air filter to avoid malfunctioning.

Clean Your Car Daily

If you were cleaning your car weekly before you may need to switch to daily wash now. Car Wash business should boom this period. Harmattan is not the excuse to drive a dirty car around town. We all know harmattan leaves dust residue on your car faster than ever.

Fog Light

Visibility can be difficult during the harmattan haze. Safety measures are adequately needed, and your fog lights are typically meant for this season like this. Keep your fog lights on during foggy situations and also to alert cars around you

Your car needs some tending and warmth this season, and it will repay you by being smooth and responsive.

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